International Year of Statistics 2013

November 19, 2012

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Britney hears about the forthcoming International Year of Statistics


At Statisfaction’s headquarters (located inside a volcanic crater on a distant planet), we received an email from Jeffrey Myers from the American Statistical Association to advertise the International Year of Statistics, 2013!

To quote the webpage:

The goals of Statistics2013 include:

  • increasing public awareness of the power and impact of Statistics on all aspects of society;
  • nurturing Statistics as a profession, especially among young people; and
  • promoting creativity and development in the sciences of Probability and Statistics

Those are great goals that we obviously support! Statistics is an important field of applied mathematics and has been for a while now, but public awareness still has to increase. At cocktail parties, it still isn’t super sexy to admit that you’re a statistician. It should be! And it’s good that some people are working on that at Amstat, at Tumblr, at NYTimes, at Rstudio and elsewhere.

We’ll go on blogging here, maybe with new contributors and more technical posts shortly. Stay tuned!


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