Ten posts from 2016 that deserve a second look

January 11, 2017

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Last week I wrote about the 10 most popular articles from The DO Loop in 2016. The popular articles tend to be about elementary topics that appeal to a wide range of SAS programmers. Today I present an "editor's choice" list of technical articles that describe more advanced statistical methods in SAS.

I've grouped the articles into three categories: statistical graphics and visualization, statistical computations, and matrix computations. If you are a SAS statistical programmer, these articles deserve a second look.

Ten posts from The DO Loop that deserve a second look #SASTip
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Statistical graphics and visualization

An effect plot

SAS ODS graphics provides an easy way to create standard graphs for data analysis. The graphs in this list are more sophisticated:

Statistical computations

A nearest neighbor plot

These article show helpful statistical techniques that you should know about:

Matrix computations


The SAS DATA step is awesome. For many programming tasks, it is an efficient and effective tool. However, advanced analytical algorithms and multivariate statistics often require matrix-vector computations, which means programming in the SAS/IML language.

There you have it, 10 articles from The DO Loop in 2016 that I think are worth a second look. Did I omit your favorite article? Leave a comment.

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