Nate Silver is a Frequentist: Review of “the signal and the noise”

December 6, 2012

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Nate Silver Is A Frequentist
Review of ``the signal and the noise'' by Nate Silver

There are not very many self-made statisticians, let alone self-made statisticians who become famous and get hired by the New York Times. Nate Silver is a fascinating person. And his book the signal and the noise, is a must read for anyone interested in statistics.

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Found it interesting to see Larry and Andrew debating on if Nate Silver, a now world famous self-made statistician, is a frequentist or a bayesian based reading (or not reading) his new book the signal and the noise. I have a simple idea. Instead of doing inference on Nate based on reading (or not reading) his book, how about asking Nate about it? Maybe he will be confused by the definition of “frequentist” or “bayesian”.

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