Oprah Winfrey (1) vs. Alan Turing (4); Nora Ephron advances

Yesterday Diana gave an eloquent argument in favor of Voltaire, but then I came across this comment from Dzhaughn:

I am concened, as Dalton was earlier, about the risk of uniting the Ephron-Streep-Child triumvirate. This could lead to bad things. Julie vs. Julia, courtroom drama. Jules or Julia, cashing in on the franchise. Meatless in Me-attle (self-absorbed vegetarian Puget Sound Instagram romance) and “You’ve Got Kale!” “Milk would…?” monster horror where expiration dates are forged and the power company tampers with the fridge door light switch.

Actually, these sound better than average these days.

Indeed, we could do worse than “Meatless in Me-attle” and “You’ve Got Kale.” I’d like to avoid “Julie & Julia” at all costs, but I think Mel Brooks would put a stop to that in any case.

And today we have a major battle, with the top-ranked TV personality facing a mathematician who, while only seeded #4, is a legendary figure in many dimensions (including, let me remind you, the invention of round-the-house chess, a game whose rules I’m still not clear on). Which of these worthies should advance to round 3?

Again, here’s the bracket and here are the rules.