Vote suppression in corrupt NY State

I’ll be out of town on election day so I thought I should get an absentee ballot. It’s not so easy:

OK, so I download the form and print it out. Now I have to mail it to the county board of elections. Where exactly is that? I find the little link . . . here it is:

Jeez. They don’t make it easy. Not quite vote suppression (yes, the above title was an exaggeration), but they’re not exactly encouraging us to vote, either.

To put it another way, here’s another webpage, also run by New York State:

It appears that the people who run our state government care more—a lot more—about getting its residents to blow their savings on mindless gambling, than on expressing their views at the ballot box.

It’s almost as if the people in power like the system that got them in power, and don’t want a bunch of pesky voters out there rocking the boat.

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