Tracking changes in text files

A common issue that arises with text files (e.g., R code) is to identify changes that have been made between versions. I usually number my R files as file1.R, file2.R, etc. (with “file” replaced by something more meaningful),with the number…

Supervision award

Last night I received the Vice-Chancellor’s postgraduate supervision award at a function at Government House. I am deeply honoured that my students thought to nominate me for the award. I think I was as surprised as anyone to win, and some people…

LaTeX books

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Time management

I am frequently asked how I manage my time, and how I manage to get so much done. I don’t know that my approach is right for everyone, but in case it helps here are some comments on how I work.
One of the main traps that people fall into is to do…

LaTeX workshop

I gave a one-day LaTeX workshop today.
Here is the blurb:
LaTeX is an extremely powerful markup language for creating structured documents. It is particularly well-suited for documents containing mathematics, but can be used for any document. Those wh…

Words to avoid

According to Andrew Gelman, we should avoid these words in research writing:
Note that
It is clear that
It is interesting to note that
of course
Notice that
I agree with him that all of these are overused, …