About Hyndsight

I was thinking of writing a book on doing research in statistics. Instead, I decided to write a blog covering the same material, plus other things that might be of interest to my research team. Topics covered include LaTeX, R, writing and preparing a t…

Indexing in LaTeX

I’m in the final stages of preparing my new exponential smoothing book for publication and have been learning about some LaTeX indexing tools.
The standard subject index is created using the following procedure:
Include \index{entry} commands wh…

Tables in LaTeX

(Updated May 2017)
Making tables in LaTeX is one of the few areas where LaTeX can be more difficult than a WYSIWYG editor.
Here are some pointers to tools and packages that I have found useful.
tablesgenerator.com: a web-based tool for generating LaTe…

Organization and R

Many R users seem to get themselves in a bit of a mess with R files and workspaces scattered across different directories. The R files themselves also get messy and hard to follow. So here is some advice on keeping organized with R:
Try to keep code s…

Debugging in R

Anyone who starts writing serious R code (i.e., code that involves user-written functions) soon finds the need to use debugging tools. There are a few basic tools in R that are worth knowing about.
The function debug() allows one to step through the ex…