Tips for academic talks

There is a nice post on Matt Might’s blog entitled “10 tips on how to give an academic talk”. Check it out.
He recommends the following two books by Joey Asher.
See also my article on “Giving an academic talk”.

In praise of Dropbox

Every couple of years, a new technology has a big impact on how I work. Gmail was one. My iPhone was another. And I rank Dropbox in the same category.
I get three huge benefits in using Dropbox:
All my files are backed up online. The house can burn do…

CrossValidated Journal Club

Journal Clubs are a great way to learn new research ideas and to keep up with the literature. The idea is that a group of people get together every week or so to discuss a paper of joint interest. This can happen within your own research group or depar…

Hamming on research

Richard Hamming was an excellent mathematician who worked at the interface of mathematics and computer science. In 1986 he gave a wonderful talk entitled You and Your Research. Derek Smith on the AMS Graduate Student blog reminded me of it today. If yo…

Data visualization videos

Probably everyone has seen Hans Rosling’s famous TED talk by now. If not, here it is:
I recently came across a couple of other exceptional talks on data visualization:
Hans Rosling again: ”Let my dataset change your mindset”. If onl…