Automation and judgment, from the rational animal to the irrational machine

Virgil Kurkjian writes:

I was recently going through some of your recent blog posts and came across Using numbers to replace judgment.

I recently wrote something about legible signaling which I think helps shed some light on exactly what causes the bureaucratization of science and maybe what we can do about it. In short I agree that we do and should use our qualitative judgment and attempts to add “objectivity” are not objective and lead to bureaucratic capture.

I don’t quite understand what Kurkjian was saying in his post but I thought it might interest you, so you can follow the link and judge for yourself.

From the rational animal to the irrational machine

I do see some connections to my idea that people used to think of humans as being special for their rationality, but now it’s our irrationality that is considered a virtue. In the past we compared ourselves to animals, hence the human was “the rational animal.” Now we compare ourselves to computers, hence the human is “the irrational machine.”

As a rational animal myself, I’m not so thrilled with this change in attitude.