Kaiser Fung suggests “20 paper ideas pre-approved for prestigious journals”

I got to thinking about this after reading a post from Kaiser Fung “offering up 20 paper ideas pre-approved for prestigious journals.”

What happened is that JAMA published a silly paper claiming a 12 percent increase in fatal car crashes on April 20 (“420 day,” the unofficial marijuana holiday). Following Sam Harper and Adam Palayew, Kaiser reports:

The following 21 days have more extreme ratios than 4/20:

Jul 4 Dec 23 Dec 21 Nov 21 Sep 1 Dec 20 Sep 2 Jul 3 Dec 31 Oct 31 Nov 23 Dec 18 Dec 6 Jul 14 Sep 4 Dec 22 Mar 17 May 25 Apr 1 Mar 7 Dec 19

Will JAMA editors accept one research paper for each of these days? The work is already done – the rest is story time.

That would be just awesome if JAMA would publish those 21 papers. But it’s not gonna happen. Too bad.

And that got me thinking of all the other papers that really, really should get published. There was that paper reporting that Cornell students have ESP. There are 7 other Ivy League colleges, so I think JPSP could publish at least 7 other papers in this series. And then there are those near-Ivys: Stanford, Northwestern, WashU, etc. . . really lots and lots of options here.