Question 1 of our Applied Regression final exam

As promised, it’s time to go over the final exam of our applied regression class. It was an in-class exam, 3 hours for 15 questions.

Here’s the first question on the test:

1. A randomized experiment is performed within a survey. 1000 people are contacted. Half the people contacted are promised a $5 incentive to participate, and half are not promised an incentive. The result is a 50% response rate among the treated group and 40% response rate among the control group.

(a) Give an estimate and standard error of the average treatment effect.

(b) Give code to fit a logistic regression of response on the treatment indicator. Give the complete code, including assigning the data, setting up the variables, etc. It is not enough to simply give the one line of code for running the logistic regression.

See tomorrow’s post for the solution and a discussion of common errors.