Emile Bravo and agency

I was reading Tome 4 of the adventures of Jules (see the last item here), and it struck me how much agency the characters had. They seemed to be making their own decisions, saying what they wanted to say, etc.

Just as a contrast, I’m also reading an old John Le Carre book, and here the characters have no agency at all. They’re just doing what is necessary to make the plot run. For Le Carre, that’s fine; the plot’s what it’s all about. So that’s an extreme case.

Anyway, I found the agency of Bravo’s characters refreshing. It’s not something I think about so often when reading, but this time it struck me.

P.S. I wrote about agency a few years ago in the context of Benjamin Kunkel’s book Indecision. I did a quick search and it doesn’t look like Kunkel has written much since. Too bad. But maybe he’s doing a Klam and it will be all right.