It’s the finals! The Japanese dude who won the hot dog eating contest vs. Riad Sattouf

I chose yesterday‘s winner based on this comment from Re’el:

Hey, totally not related to this, but could offer any insight into this study: It seems like something we go back and forth on and this study didn’t offer any insight. Thanks.

Egg = oeuf, so we should choose the man whose name ends in f.

Also, from Dzhaughn:

Our GOAT scored with butt and with hoof
But committed a political goof:
He saw nothing the matter
with electing Sepp Blatter
So lets go for top drawer Sattouf.

And from Thomas:

Sattouf (in Arab of the future): “A man has no roots. He has feet.” He has the footballer figured out.

Whereas Pelé says things like “Success is not accident. It’s hard work…” Sounds like quite a seminar.

And now, this is it: an unseeded creative eater who, along the way, defeated Carol Burnett, Oscar Wilde, Albert Brooks, and Jim Thorpe—how he ever won against Carol Burnett, I have no idea, she’d be a great seminar speaker!—against a middle-aged dessinateur who triumphed over Leonhard Euler, Lance Armstrong, Mel Brooks, Veronica Geng, and Pele. Both these guys have gone far.

Last time we had this contest was 4 years ago, and the winner was Thomas Hobbes. Who’s it gonna be this time? (I’m still bummed that Veronica Geng’s no longer in the running.)

Again, we’re trying to pick the best seminar speaker. Here are the rules and here’s the bracket: