Dorothy Parker (2) vs. Bruce Springsteen (1); the Japanese dude who won the hot dog eating contest advances

Dalton made an impressive argument, too complicated to summarize, in favor of Jim Thorpe, “the destroyer of hot dog vendors,” but this was countered by Thomas’s logic:

Since Jim Thorpe is top dog in whatever he tries his hand at, his demise is now inevitable.

And ultimately I had to go with Albert, who made the straight-up case for Kobayashi:

Why does everyone think Jim Thorpe could eat more hot dogs? The Japanese guy doubled the previous record on his first try! There’s just no way an untrained person is getting up off the couch and out-eating the Japanese dude who won the hot dog eating contest.

Here’s him going up against a soccer player.

Also, consider that competitive eating is a more interesting sport than baseball, and requires more of both physical training and general athleticism.

Today it’s the legendary wit versus the New Bob Dylan. Manhattan vs. Jersey. Your arguments, my call.

Again, we’re trying to pick the best seminar speaker. Here are the rules and here’s the bracket: