Veronica Geng vs. Nora Ephron; Riad Sattouf advances

Not much going on in yesterday‘s Past vs. Future battle. Maybe we should’ve brought in Michael J. Fox as a guest judge . . .

Anyway, the best argument in the comments came from Ethan:

Since we can’t have Mr P let’s have Mr B.

Ahhh, but we can have Mr P. We can always have Mr P. So then we don’t need Mr B. Sorry, Mel!

Today is a battle of two literary wits. Highbrow vs. Middlebrow. Or maybe it would be more precise to say High Middlebrow vs. Middlebrow. The New Yorker vs. Hollywood. Two different branches of the literary comedy tradition. Love Trouble vs. Heartburn. Mr. Reagan vs. Proust. Can’t go wrong with either choice. What’s yours?

Again, here are the rules and here’s the bracket: