Steve Martin (4) vs. Dorothy Parker (2); the Japanese dude who won the hot dog eating contest advances

The culinary athlete wins this round courtesy of this sonnet from Jeff:

Does not the dude of Japanese descent
Who won the eating contest have a name?
He does, of course, but thanks to that event
We ponder on the stuff of Nathan’s fame.

What kind of man, in glint of morning, thinks
“This day is for the dogs!” and furthermore
To Coney Island fares to hit the links
And fray with those who’d log a ‘furter more?

A hellish course, presuming to be first,
To hurry, facing brightest light of sun,
But with no relish, he assumes the wurst:
Extruded slurry! Casing! Nitrite! Bun!

To hear his name, just call him on the phone,
But all the same, he’s filled with parts unknown.

Wow. Blog comments are just getting more and more impressive, even as blogging itself becomes less and less popular.

And today it’s the fourth-seeded magician vs. the second-seeded wit. Either would draw a crowd, I’m sure. What do you think?

Again, here are the rules and here’s the bracket: