Boris Karloff (3) vs. Mel Brooks; Riad Sattouf advances

In yesterday’s contest, Dalton asks:

Lance Armstrong isn’t even a GOAT. Did he cheat to get included on the list at the expense of Eddy Merckx?

But then Jrc points out:

Lance isn’t in for Cycling GOAT, he’s in for NGO-bracelet GOAT.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t juice the bracelets. Although now that I think about it… that might explain why they became so popular and after a while people had like 5 or 10 on at a time. So I guess since we already kicked out Erdos, it might be worth keeping him as an insurance policy in case we need some drugs to get through the tournament.

Ultimately, though, I’ll have to go with Daniel’s argument:

If Armstrong moves on – and ultimately wins – we’ll have to nervously wait 15 years to see if he recants his victory seminar.

We can’t have that, so it will have to be Sattouf, even though, as J points out, we can’t expect any sex from him, given that the seminar is in New York.

And next we have a bit of a Young Frankenstein contest. Actor vs. director. A man whose birth name didn’t really end in f vs. a man who’s two thousand years old. It’s your call.

Again, here’s the bracket and here are the rules.