“News Release from the JAMA Network”

A couple people pointed me to this:

Here’s the Notice of Retraction:

On May 8, 2018, notices of Expression of Concern were published regarding articles published in JAMA and the JAMA Network journals that included Brian Wansink, PhD, as author. At that time, Cornell University was contacted and was requested to conduct an independent evaluation of the articles to determine whether the results are valid.

Cornell University has notified JAMA that based on its investigation they are unable to provide assurances regarding the scientific validity of the 6 studies. Their response states: “We regret that, because we do not have access to the original data, we cannot assure you that the results of these studies are valid.” Therefore, the 6 articles reporting the results of these studies that were published in JAMA, JAMA Internal Medicine, and JAMA Pediatrics are hereby retracted.

Admirable of Cornell University to bite the bullet on this and for Jama to publicize it.

P.S. More here from Retraction Watch, including a couple of ridiculous quotes by Wansink.