Statmodeling Retro

As many of you know, this blog auto-posts on twitter. That’s cool. But we also have 15 years of old posts with lots of interesting content and discussion! So I had this idea of setting up another twitter feed, Statmodeling Retro, that would start with our very first post in 2004 and then go forward, posting one entry every 8 hours until it eventually catches up to the present. So far, this blog has exactly 9000 posts, so it would take a little over 8 years to catch up at this rate. But then if we continue at the current rate we’ll have another 6000 posts or so, which will take another 5 years to appear in the retro feed. Etc. So it will take awhile.

Maybe people don’t want to wait that long? We could program Statmodeling Retro to post every 6 hours, but then I’m worried that the frequency would be too high for people to follow.

Whaddya think?