LeBron James (3) vs. Eric Antoine; Ellen DeGeneres advances

Optimum quip Thursday was from Dzhaughn:

Mainly, that woman’s tag has a lot of a most common typographical symbol in it, which would amount to a big difficulty back in days of non-digital signs on halls of drama and crowd-laughing.

Should that fact boost or cut a probability appraisal of said woman writing an amazing book such as “A Void” (aka “La Disparition” in Gallic printings?) I cannot say, A or B. (If you don’t know what’s up, visit Amazon.com to find that book’s author’s autograph and a blurb on said book. You will know why its local omission is mandatory.)

That I should, so soon as now, so miss that most familiar symbol. But I do! Would you not? I should strongly disavow prodigalilty with it!

Good points, all. I must go with L.A. TV host and funny lady for this win. You go girl. You will soon stand vs. a hoops man or a magical guy in round 2. Good stuff all round.

Today, #3 GOAT is facing off against a magician. L’Bron could talk b-ball or politics and might want to know about schools policy, a common topic on this blog. But that français is funny looking and has strong tricks. Both guys on TV all days. Who do you want to show up to our Columbia talk?

Again, full list is at this link, and instructions:

Trying to pick #1 visitor. I’m not asking for most popular, or most topical, or optimum, or most profound, or most cool, but a combination of traits.

I’ll pick a day’s victor not from on a popular tally but on amusing quips on both camps. So try to show off!