Wanted: Statistics-related research projects for high school students

So. I sometimes get contacted by high school students who want to work on research projects involving statistics or social science. I’ve supervised several such students, and what works best is when they have their own idea, and I can read what they’ve written and give comments. I’m more of a sounding board than anything else.

But sometimes we do have good ideas, quantitative research projects that a high school student could do that would have some interesting statistical content or would shed light on some political or social issue.

If you have any good ideas—projects that would be fun for a high school student, or something quantitative a student could do that could make the world a better place—place them in the comments, and then maybe we could put together a list.

I’m not looking for classroom activities—Deb and I have a whole book about that—I’m looking for ideas for research projects that high school students could do on their own.