Against Winner-Take-All Attribution

This is the anti-Wolfram.

I did not design or write the Stan language. I’m a user of Stan. Lots of people designed and wrote Stan, most notably Bob Carpenter (designed the language and implemented lots of the algorithms), Matt Hoffman (came up with the Nuts algorithm), and Daniel Lee (put together lots of the internals of the program). Also Jiqiang Guo and Ben Goodrich (Rstan), Michael Betancourt (improvements in Nuts), Jonah Gabry (Shinystan), and lots of others. As always, it’s hard to write these lists because whenever you stop, you’re excluding others.

Anyway, my primary role in Stan is “user.” The role of user is important. But I did not design the language, I did not write the language, and I did not come up with most of the algorithms that it uses. Other people did that. We have a great team (including lots of people who have no connection to Columbia University) and it’s great that we can work together in this way.

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