Of Tennys players and moral Hazards

Zach Shahn writes:

After watching Tennys Sandgren play in the Australian Open quarterfinals last night, I think it might be time to accept that the dentists named Dennis people were onto something. Looking him up revealed that he was named after his great grandfather and not by a Richard Williams type parent who planned on grooming him into a pro. And on top of his name, he grew up in Tennessee. So he’s a tennis player named Tennys from Tennessee. Incidentally, it turns out he also seems to be a white supremacist who was a proponent of the “pizza-gate” theory… [no, not that Pizzagate — ed.]

I responded by pointing to this guy: a man named Hazard who was an expert on legal ethics.

Shahn replied:

Presumably he was a very moral Hazard.

And that’s all for the day.

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