qdap 0.2.0 released

February 2, 2013

(This article was originally published at TRinker's R Blog, and syndicated at StatsBlogs.)

This is the first CRAN release of qdap (qdap 0.2.0) found here.  qdap (Quantitative Discourse Analysis Package) is an R package designed to assist in quantitative discourse analysis. The package stands as a bridge between qualitative transcripts of dialogue and statistical analysis and visualization.

The qdap package automates many of the tasks associated with quantitative discourse analysis of transcripts containing discourse, including frequency counts of sentence types, words, sentence, turns of talk, syllable counts and other assorted analysis tasks. The package provides parsing tools for preparing transcript data. Many functions enable the user to aggregate data by any number of grouping variables, providing analysis and seamless integration with other R packages that undertake higher level analysis and visualization of text. This provides the user with a more efficient and targeted analysis.

qdap’s development version can be found here.

As qdap is further developed the following tasks are planned: (a) a github hosted website via staticdocs (b) a help video section and (c) a vignette detailing workflow and use of qdap.

If you spot bugs or would like to request features please use qdap’s github site.

Special thanks to Dason of talkstats.com for his patience in teaching and mentoring me through the package creation process.

Also thank you to Hadley Wickham for his great package development tools and documentation of the process.

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