Back from ISBA Regional Meeting in India

January 15, 2013

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Hello everyone,

and of course Happy New Year (2013 is the international year of statistics!).

Last week the ISBA Regional Meeting was held in Banaras / Varanasi, in the North of India. The conference was well attended, with leading figures such as Jayanta K. Ghosh, José Bernardo, James Berger, Peter Green, Christian Robert who blogged about it, and an overall ~350 participants.

As always I really liked the conference, as much for the opportunity to spend time with colleagues out of the usual environment, as for the content of the talks. Since the conference was held in the University, it was also an opportunity to discover a very different academic environment and to talk with the local students. The highlight of the conference happened when a stray dog, out of nowhere, walked nimbly behind the speaker during one of the talks.

Somewhere in Banaras Hindu University.

I gave a talk about Score and Observed Information Matrix estimation in general state space models (those with intractable transition densities). This is on-going work with colleagues and I will surely explain all about it on this blog once it is finished.


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