Novel Views: 4 Static Data Visualizations of the Novel Les Misérables

January 8, 2013

(This article was originally published at information aesthetics, and syndicated at StatsBlogs.)

Novel Views [], developed by Jeff Clarck, showcases 4 different visualizations of the text appearing in the novel Les Misérables, which itself spans about 48 books and 365 chapters.

The "Character Mentions" graphic shows where the names of the primary characters are mentioned within the text. The "Radial Word Connections" reveals the connections between the different terms used in the text. The words in the middle are connected using lines of the same color to the chapters where they are used. "Segment Word Clouds" is a small collection of small word clouds, where the size of a word reflects its frequency. Lastly, "Characteristic Verbs" provides an interpretation of the personalities and actions of each character, in that each character is listed with its most common terms and verbs.

Via @JeffClark.

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