On Signal Amplification

August 12, 2012

(This article was originally published at Three-Toed Sloth , and syndicated at StatsBlogs.)

Attention conservation notice: Harrumphing about (failed) attempts at guilt-tripping.

You are welcome to send me things which you think deserve wider notice. (Well, except for scammers trying to get me to give them free advertising, or offering to write posts for me.) I, for my part, am free to not help your efforts to promote your cause or endeavor. This blog is a calculated tool of professional advancement through rhetorical self-fashioning and structured procrastination a personal hobby. It is not a public institution with obligations to inform the world of every worthy undertaking or deplorable injustice. If you disapprove that what I chose to write about this way is slanted towards my interests and my friends, too bad.

Signal Amplification; Self-Centered

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